Kennel Manners Philosophy

 We believe that dogs thrive in a structured environment and while we teach dogs that nothing is free, we also set them up for success. Our Kennel Manners Program provides dogs the knowledge of walking politely on a leash, taking treats gently, and sitting before each meal.

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Molly loves to be outside in our play yard!

Fritz loves his daily walks.

Ruby is all ready for bed.

A frosty morning on the farm.

Our large fenced play yard.

Abby had quite the transformation!

Husdon is enjoying his fluffy bedding!

Koyuk received a de-shedding bath!

Bindy waits for the ball.

Amelia waits to play with Baloo!

Momiji is ready to go for a walk!

The dogs brave the cold for walkies. 

LC loves her down time in her run.

Mookie politely waiting for a treat.

Bolt loves walks.

Holly getting cuddles in the yard.

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