Office Hours:

8:30am - 5:30pm

Bindy waits for the ball.

Momiji is ready to go for a walk!

Holly getting cuddles in the yard.

Abby had quite the transformation!

Husdon is enjoying his fluffy bedding!

Koyuk received a de-shedding bath!

   Inavale Farm

Boarding and Grooming

Mookie politely waiting for a treat.

Our large fenced play yard.

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Amelia waits to play with Baloo!

Fritz loves his daily walks.

A frosty morning on the farm.

Kennel Manners Philosophy

 We believe that dogs thrive in a structured environment and while we teach dogs that nothing is free, we also set them up for success. Our Kennel Manners Program provides dogs the knowledge of walking politely on a leash, taking treats gently, and sitting before each meal.

The dogs brave the cold for walkies. 

LC loves her down time in her run.

Ruby is all ready for bed.

Bolt loves walks.

Molly loves to be outside in our play yard!