Office Hours:

8:30am - 5:30pm

Our dog boarding and daycare fees include:  

- 1 mile walk with a staff member or a run beside our ATV on our farm

- High quality food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

- Four 15 minute supervised play sessions in our fenced yard

- A kennel bath for dogs staying 2+ nights

- Administering oral and topical medications

Prices vary, please call for a quote

Extra Kennel Services

$5 Extra walk/run

$10 Nail Trim

$20+ De-Shedding bath

$10+ Kennel bath

Pet Taxi  
$15 for Corvallis/Philomath
$20 for Albany

Prices are regardless of one-way or round-trip

Dogs must be up to date on

Bordetella, Rabies, and DHPP vaccines as well as be current on flea prevention.

Please bring your pet's most recent records when dropping off.


$33 per night, per dog

$30 per night, per dog for students and/or             veterans

$28 per night, per dog for older or smaller             dogs, based on staff discretion

$14 per night, per cat kennel - up to 2 cats

Discounts apply for families with 3+ dogs or guests staying for 6+ weeks

If you pick your dog up after noon on their final day of boarding, there will be an $8 daycare fee/dog imposed

Doggy Daycare

$8 for up to 4 hours, per dog

$15 for 4-8 hours, per dog

Punch cards are available, please call for details

Our Services

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   Inavale Farm

Boarding and Grooming

Kennel Manners Philosophy

 We believe that dogs thrive in a structured environment and while we teach dogs that nothing is free, we also set them up for success. Our Kennel Manners Program provides dogs the knowledge of walking politely on a leash, taking treats gently, and sitting before each meal.


As of July 21st, 2017 we will be increasing our daycare rates from $15 for a full day to $20 and $10 for a half day. Additionally we will be changing the way we charge for the pet taxi service. Rather than charging a flat rate of $15 for one way or both ways we will now charge $10 for pickup and $10 for delivery for Corvallis and Philomath. Albany pickup will cost $20 and delivery will cost $20.